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Surf Rote @ Boa Hills Surf House in Rote

Are you seeking epic uncrowded waves and adventure in a safe and ecological place?
Well you have Found it !!
I welcome you to surf Rote at my surfing heaven, where I have built (to minimize your impact on the environment ) an  eco-friendly housing for surfers hunting barrels , fisherman seeking big game and people wanting to enjoy a relaxing time under the palm trees on clean golden beaches.
Set on top of the hill looking over the world class wave Boa (one of Rotes best right hand surf spots), we find Boa Hills. Almost all materials used for the house and bungalows are natural and locally found.
The accommodation is powered by a top of the line solar panels.
We collect rain water and all our waste water goes into gardens.
We also grow plenty of fresh organic vegetables and herbs. 
We will provide you with delicious and healthy set cooked meals. Fresh fish and vegetables, free range chickens and pigs, some imported goody’s and awesome dessert that you won’t forget !!

So come to Rote and Surf with us
Founder and owner of Boa Hills